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Advanced Guild Statistics

  DESCRİPTİON Gameforge all guild war packet deactive. Guild war gui all data get from statics in py(for fast war)

Automatic Bravery Cape

 15,00 30,00
Automatic Bravery Cape  
  • System work with affects.(1, 3, 7, 14, 30 and Infinite day option).
  • System has duration for loop using bravery cape(i didn’t add effect but if your files has u can adapt like your want).
  • System has range algorithm.
  • System automatic continue after warp or disconnect etc.
  • Many little details in video…

Dungeon Information V2

Manage all your dungeons in an advanced interface.

Event Manager (Aeldra Style)



  • System work with cache.
  • Can add more events with easy config.
  • Have good tutorial and read me file for how to work.
  • Event Manager only have:
    • Bonus event.
    • Double boss loot.
    • Double metin loot.
    • Double mission book loot.
    • Dungeon ticket loot.
    • Moonlight event.
    • Exp event.
    • Item drop event.
    • Yang drop event.
Other events your need adapt to system.

Faqe Chat System

Faqe chat system just write something to chat and then you can see bots will work to write.

Fast Equip System

- You can save 10 different equipments. - You can edit the name of each presets - Allows you to change equipment in seconds. -The items will always remain in their new slots. -It has 11 normal slots, and 3 skins (the slots can be modified depending on the buyer.)

Global Ranking V3



  • Ranking update every 1 hour(can modify with easy config).
  • Ranking can add new rank types with easy config.
Ranking already have some ranks:
  • Level
  • Stone
  • Monster
  • Boss
  • Complete Dungeon
  • Playtime
  • Gold
  • Gaya
  • Fish
  • Open Chest

Guild Request



  • Player can send request for join guild.
  • Request list can see only guild master and add member flag guild member.
  • Request can accept or remove.
  • You can find guild with name.
  • For search have button for empire.


    Hardware Ban System You can hardware-ban the players you are uncomfortable with. Banned players cannot enter the game as long as they use the same motherboard.

Hunting Mission System


Kingdoms War (3 Empire)

Description ​   This project provides you Kingdoms War for your Metin2 server.​ Players can join or leave Kingdoms War

Martysama Source Update [VS2022 -C++20 – Cyptopp 8.2]


Client: (VS2022)

Updates: c++20, cryptopp 8.2, lzo 2.10, granny 2.11, python 2.7, libjpeg9a

removed: boost, gaiden, hackshield (ahnlab, Nprotect, hackshield), xtrap, passpod, openid, matrixcard, auction.


Updates: c++20

removed: extern, hackshield, xtrap, checkserver, auth_brazil, limit_time, passpod, openid, vcard, billing, matrixcard, auction.

Mob Scale V2

Mob Scale System V2 without any bug.

Multi Farm Block

Thanks to this system, only 2 characters in 1 account can farm both boss and Metin stone. Of course, it can be adjusted by the system, for example: You can set 1 character or 3, 4, 5 characters instead of 2 characters in 1 account.

New Switchbot

Features - Optimized bonus search - Search 200 enchanted objects for selected bonuses, returning the value in seconds without lag. - Allows you to change the bonus of the items in a fast and clean way. - It does not send multiple packets for each change. - Maximum objects enchanted per change: 200 max - Receive bonuses specifically for that item with its value. (item_attr) - New slot added for the switchbot (SWITCHBOT) - Presets panel added

Present NPC



  • You can set any part data and effect.
  • System work on client.
  • Dont have limit for npc to present npc.

Renewal Affect Shower



  • I re-write all code for affect shower(cleaning bad and old codes).
  • Has remove affect algorithm. So if some affect types can remove from player, you just need put affect type index in static function.
  • Has tooltip algorithm. Tooltip shows description, point datas and end time.
  • System has sort algorithm. Has 2 variable X and Y so you set like your 1-1 want.

Renewal Game Option



  • Dont have limit for category and sub category.
  • Easy to add new options.

Reward System



  • Easy config.
  • You can set or  add infinite reward.
  • System have 2 option for work C++ or Lua.
  • System work with cache data.

Track System(Dungeon + WorldBoss)


    • Already has system good how-to file.
    • So easy to put your dungeons cooldown in to this system.
    • Dungeons has 3 types ( available, re-enter(back dungeon) and cooldown)
    • WorldBoss can connect window.
    • System has ultimate regen. Multifunctional regen for many boss can work with this regen.
    • Dont has limit for adding worldboss or dungeon.
    • More info in video.