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Automatic Bravery Cape

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Automatic Bravery Cape  
  • System work with affects.(1, 3, 7, 14, 30 and Infinite day option).
  • System has duration for loop using bravery cape(i didn’t add effect but if your files has u can adapt like your want).
  • System has range algorithm.
  • System automatic continue after warp or disconnect etc.
  • Many little details in video…

Renewal Affect Shower



  • I re-write all code for affect shower(cleaning bad and old codes).
  • Has remove affect algorithm. So if some affect types can remove from player, you just need put affect type index in static function.
  • Has tooltip algorithm. Tooltip shows description, point datas and end time.
  • System has sort algorithm. Has 2 variable X and Y so you set like your 1-1 want.