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Dungeon Information V2

Manage all your dungeons in an advanced interface.





An upgrade of my previous version of this system, now with more features and optimized code.
Manage all your dungeons with this system, you can now add dungeons even more easier than before, with a simple text file you can configure all your dungeons.
Like before, you can also keep track of your progress, how many times you completed the dungeon, highest damage score on the final boss and your fastest time. These results will be compared with other players, you can check the the ranking for all of the dungeons.

All available dungeons that you add from the configuration file will be shown in the dungeon information window.

You can view each dungeon information, from item drops from the boss, necessary bonus for the dungeon, cooldown’s, duration, warp to the gates, view your personal results and view the global top 10 players from a specific dungeon.

If you have completed a dungeon that has cooldown, the window will show a little clock indicating that the dungeon isn’t available until the timer goes off, this will also take place if you don’t have the required level.

All dungeons can be configured from the “dungeon_info.txt” file and once you are done editing you can run the command “/reload dungeon” inside the game if your server is already running.

Each dungeon has a specific quest name and quest flags, these must be configured properly in the configuration file.







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Dungeon Information V2


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