Kingdoms War (3 Empire)





  • This project provides you Kingdoms War for your Metin2 server.
  • Players can join or leave Kingdoms War using special button under minimap.
  • When players are in, they can see actual score, their Kill/Death score and time until declaring winner at the left side panel.
  • There are also notifications about current score and time left for all players on the server.
  • When Kingdoms War ends, winning empire can get prize (up to 4 priv bonuses at one time – exp rate, gold rate, yang bomb rate, drop rate).
  • You can limit access by player’s level, you can limit using specific items, you can disable notifications about current score to all players, etc… This project is very customizable.
  • This event can be fully automated when it is configured correctly. You can set up timetable of Kingdoms War event directly in the project’s file.
  • This project does not use quests or quest functions, everything is coded in C++ and Python.
Server :

#define ENABLE_KINGDOMS_WAR: Enables or disables Kingdoms War in server side.

Client :

#define ENABLE_KINGDOMS_WAR: Enables or disables Kingdoms War in client side.

Commands :

/kingdoms_war start – Starts Kingdoms War manually.
/kingdoms_war declarewinner – Declaring winner of the Kingdoms War manually.
/kingdoms_war stop – Stops Kingdoms War manually.




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